Monday, June 7, 2010

Holla Memphis - you're going big-time

In case you missed it on your blog roll today, Padraig over at Red Kite Prayer (formerly of Belgian Knee Warmers) gave a little shout-out to Memphis.
The greater mystery is composed of hundreds of riders, riders I meet everywhere I go. And by everywhere I mean not just LA, but Chicago, Memphis, Boston and beyond. There are those riders who will happily sacrifice any sort of peak, any shot of ever seeing the front—except in the event of a complete mistake by them or others—in exchange for being able to ride comfortably in the pack year-round.

Nothing huge, but RKP is the big-time for all things PRO and Memphis's inclusion is nothing to blush at.

Happy to see it, y'all.

Anyway, I also wanted to announce a new venture that Anthony "Taco Rocky Horror" Siracusa and I are working on, Community Powered Cycling. Our focus is on the ways in which people use bikes and build communities and sustainable lifestyles from that common passion. I hope you'll take a look. Let us know what you think and participate in the conversation. Memphis, like a lot of other places around the country, is making this moment count, and we're really hoping to acknowledge and promote that.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's Your Season? I Mean, What Type of Bike are You?

Dear ladies,

If you're starting to think about riding bikes more, or simply pulling that cute one you found three years ago and never rode out from behind your house, then read on.

I signed up for Fitness Mag's weekly 'fit tips' about a year ago because i'm a girl. Turns out, i get lots of good tips on random things like great short hair cuts and how to cook healthy barbecue. These things really come in handy. My favorite tip: love handle elimination. it looked hard so i never did it, but alas, the bike article appeared- so there.

sorry about the hipster appeal here, but the dress is great for riding:)

Upon scanning the article about which bike type I am, i thought about all the other pockets of bike spotting i've encountered in the media, fashion, and general people watching. i've especially noticed in my gazillion fashion magazine subscriptions and endless online shopping, a new emphasis on cycling. i'm sure you've noticed this too, and with the obvious influx of riders we see in the street of whom which we are not acquainted, cuter workout wear, and a general interest from the public in two wheels.

For instance, Forever 21, our favorite budget-friendly trend outlet, is now featuring a whole new line of workout clothing. Victoria's Secret has jumped on board as well and they actually fit curvier figures! You already know that Urban Outfitters sells bikes no less, but they also have very stylish cycle shorts and great cotton dresses/minis that breath when you ride. Now, we can show up at a party or BBQ via a bicycle in humid hot-ass weather and not feel like a sweaty freak, but rather a healthy-glow wearing chick.