Friday, March 30, 2012

Bike For Sale

This lovely little cruiser rarely sees pavement so I'm hoping I can find a new owner who will give it more use. Here are the details:

Frame - Schwinn Sprint w/ custom paint from Dennis Raml. Candy Red, Cream seat tube, gold lug lines.
Size - 53cm
Wheels - 700c Mavic Open Sport (double wall rim) with Origin8 hubs, flip-flop rear.
Tires - 700x25 Bontrager Sport
Handlebar - Wald cruiser
Saddle - Specialized
Brakes - Tektro
Extras - Rear Rack, Front Basket, Bell, Fenders, Kickstand, Memphis grips

Price is $200. Contact to test ride.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bikesploitation Ideas

Having been to a fair share of film festivals (including producing the Bicycle Film Festival in Memphis) I want to remind everyone of the oft-overlooked entry: the Public Service Announcement (PSA). PSA's are relatively easy to produce and can be done in very little time with a relatively small (sometimes no) budget. And since I'm involved with a project this year I thought I'd throw out a few ideas so that they don't go to waste.

1. Traffic Jam - A man sits in a car. All shots are interior, tight and below window level. Bicycle bells are heard in background. Man wears suit pants, shirt and tie. Man tunes stereo, taps steering wheel, shaves with electric razor, eats breakfast (pastry or pop-tart), tunes stereo, talks on phone, eats packed lunch, rolls up sleeves, fidgets with phone, rolls down window, money is handed out, food is handed in. Exterior, high vantage point shot of traffic jam with bicycles weaving in and out, delivering goods. Fade to black. Give it a smart tagline like, "Stop living in your car, and start living." Partnership for Bicycles or some-such organization. Boom. Done.

2. Bodies - Accident scene. A car has hit a bicyclist. Car driver being lectured on the dangers of texting while driving by police officer. Show mangled bike and cyclist laying on ground unconscious. Cyclist wears cycling outfit. Same scene, outfit changes to fireman, doctor, judge, chef, man, woman, child etc... in succession. Black bar across bottom with tagline, "Texting While Driving. You never know who you'll run into." Done.

3. The How-To - This one can go either way; serious or parody. "How to Ride Bikes in Memphis."

The deadline for entries is April 20th. You can get the submission form and all the info at the Live From Memphis website. If you need any help just get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Tour Of Flanders Watch Party - April 1st

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Overton Park - Orange Trail

My friends have been at it again, this time marking out a trail in the Southeast corner of the Park. (That's the Poplar /Parkway corner for the direction challenged). It's just a little half mile loop but it's quite fun; a little tighter than the other trails. Here's the route:

View Overton Park Orange Trail in a larger map

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Call For Actors


Shoot date : Saturday, March 31
Time: Each person (besides Romeo) will be needed for approx. 20 - 45 minutes. You will be scheduled in a group or by yourself sometime between 12 – 6:30 PM. Romeo will be needed for 1 -2 hours, possibly longer.
Where: Midtown
What: Short film (for Bikesploitation Film Festival + others)

Romeo: 20-30 years old, male, preferably tall and slender; must feel comfortable acting silly; MUST have full body cycling outfit (spandex) and helmet; must be able to ride a bicycle.

Female: 18-30, character will be trashy/slutty; must have this type of attire and able to portray this type of personality; must be able to ride a bicycle

10 Guys: 18 – 40 years old [NOTE: Characters vary. Some will have individual scenes – some will be in small groups. Some will have dialogue – some won’t. Some will be required to ride bicycle.]

Send resume and headshot (if you have them), and contact info to

Warm Weather Whatevers

I have been a bit absent with the post-making lately and I'm going to blame it on beautiful weather. I'm more like everybody else than I realize; we all want to get out and ride more when the sun is out. It's just that since I'm the expert (SIGH) I get busier with making sure all the bikes work, so I'm kind of tired when I get home.

Then last night I had a dream about this website. My page visits had increased from +/- 200 to about 500. So I checked it this morning but that didn't happen.

Whatever. I'm going to go enjoy this dream-like weather on my ride to work.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Look Who's Parking

Looks like Bosco's heard our wishes (or got tired of everyone locking up to the deck) and had Gadsby Creson design some racks.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Trek Transport Can Change Your Life

You might remember last year when we ran a contest for the Trek Transport. Well, only 1 person rode it and they didn't really carry anything. But now that we're having such beautiful weather we're going to give you another chance. Check out this video and imagine yourself changing the world:

Don't know where to ride it?

-The Cooper Young Community Farmers Market opens at 9AM tomorrow. Get your week's worth of groceries easily!
-Hop on the Shelby Farms Greenline and make your way out to the Red Barn at the Agricenter for the Memphis Area Master Gardeners Spring Fling.
-Roll over to Hollywood Feed for Streetdog Foundation's Pet Adoption.
-Or just get some friends together and go have a picnic! The weather will be beautiful!

Learn more about the advantages of the Transport at the Trek Website.

To reserve the bike for Saturday send an email to or call 901-327-4833 and ask for Cort.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where Do You Shop?

After reading this hypothetical question from the Memphis Flyer I began to consider where we actually shop and where we can improve our spending habits. Most of our food comes from Kroger (side note: almost every Kroger in Memphis has a nickname. There's Kroghetto on Union, Kosher Kroger in East Memphis, Freddy Kroger at Poplar/Highland...) while most of our paper and cleaning products come from Target. But we're thinking that we can eliminate a lot of our Krogering by patronizing local joints while at the same time trying to keep the expenses down. Here's what we've come up with so far:

Vegetables and fruit - Easy Way, Farmers Markets
Pasta - Valenza Pasta
Herbs and natural soaps - Maggie's Pharm (trying to go phthalate-free)
Beer and liquor - Joe's, Tip Top, Bosco's
Chocolate - Dinstuhl's

So as you can tell our diet consists of vegetables, pasta, and cocktails. We've gotten meat from farmers markets and it's always been delicious but the one that is the most convenient time-wise is only open in the summer. I know of two meat markets in Memphis but is there one in Midtown? Where are we going to get bread and cheese? Toilet paper?

I can easily forgo one-stop shopping if I can get better products and support local business. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to ride my bicycle for more errands.

What about you? What is your favorite local place for essentials? (Especially cheese!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bike To Work Day 2012

We're getting ready to celebrate another year of biking to work by having a huge party downtown. The deal is that you have to register for the party, which you can do here. You get some sweet prizes if you register so do it. If you aren't able to make the party downtown at Court Square then let me know if you might want to lead a group ride to another area, like maybe if you ride to work going east on the Shelby Farms Greenline (*cough* Ty or Matt).

View Bike to Work Day in a larger map

There's so much more to this than just a party so keep checking back for updates!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pizza With Planners

Livable Memphis is having their next "Pizza With Planners" session tonight at the Benjamin Hooks Library. They will be discussing the Livable Memphis/Community Development Council 2012 Policy Platform. Which consists of:

Making neighborhoods clean and attractive
Promoting strategies and incentives for the redevelopment of neighborhoods
Increasing funding to support comprehensive revitalization in Memphis neighborhoods
Improving the economic quality of life from Memphis residents
Promoting transportation policies that serve the entire community.

Presented by:

Robert Montague, Binghamption Development Corporation
Steve Lockwood, Frayser Community Development Corporation
Emily Trenholm, Community Development Council
Sarah Newstok, Livable Memphis Program

Join them from 5:30 - 7:30 but you need to register.

I'm planning on being there because my neighborhood definitely needs to be cleaned and attractived. And by neighborhood I mean my front yard.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Memphis Bike Polo Friendlies - March 24th

These dudes are either super lazy and haven't made a flyer or they are really good at hiding a flyer from me. So you have to check the facebook page for all of the details.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Party Bikes

These are some bikes I was hanging out with at the party last night. Kudos to them for not driving, and Kudos to all the people that walked over.

Rethinking The Automobile

As you sit there with your cup of coffee and your slight hangover take a moment to watch this video. The subject of the study is New York City but think about how it can be applied to Memphis. Afterwards pop over to Biking In Memphis to read the interview with our buddy Kyle Wagenschutz. You'll see some similarities in which both cities, Memphis and New York City (and with little doubt every major city in America) are plagued with pandering to the automobile.

Just because you can get there in a car that doesn't mean you should. According to Kyle, our "city" covers 300 square miles yet a lot of that is vacant. Built, but not occupied. In particular, I'm thinking about the "warehouse district" that sits between downtown and the medical district. I was out riding the other morning with the objective of getting some "Memphis Bicycle" photos and took a route on Monroe that led me past the old Memphis Cycle & Supply store (ignore my thumb):

This was owned by the Amagliani's, who also own the Schwinn Shop on Summer. There are still supplies on the showroom floor. But what struck me was the amount of other vacant buildings in the area. Buildings which in any other city would already be converted to lofts and retail. You know what else is in this area? The Wonder Bread factory. Yeah. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread. Then you also have businesses like Kudzu's and The Hattiloo Theatre right down the street. The only thing missing are affordable apartments and a grocery. When Kyle states that the average commute is 20 miles it makes me wonder why no one has invested more in this district. Sure you can't have a lawn and a white picket fence but there are so many people in this city who aren't looking for that anymore.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Ride Safe

Before you leave for the bars today please rethink your transportation choice. If you haven't rented a party bus with your friends already please call a cab or ride your bike!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Republicans Admit President Doesn't Control Gas Price

Sure, they admitted it in 2008 but what's changed since then? Oh yeah, there's a Democrat in the White House.

Looking For An Apple Crate

Instead of just strapping a bag full of food and wine to the front of my bike I would really like to find an old apple crate, something akin to this:

While the one pictured is the actual rack, I would like one that I could just attach to my Gamoh rack. The idea partially comes from the Cetma Cargo Bike.

The box is removable and there is still a platform. Also, the apple crate needs to be free or very very cheap because I'm seriously considering purchasing the Cetma.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Wheels

Ron Arad Two Nuns Bicycle from paul denton on Vimeo.

Things to note here: it's a fixed gear; don't know if a disc-brake model is in production. Also, it doesn't look like it will turn very well. Someone send me to London to find out! Read more here. Thanks to Jenny for the heads-up on this!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buy This Bike

I'm selling this bike to make some room. 57cm Gitane Service Course. Nice metallic green color Reynolds 531 steel tubing. Mavic Open Sport rims w/ sealed bearing flip-flop hubs. Nitto handlebars, Stronglight headset and crankset, MKS pedals w/leather straps. $300 for the bike plus extras. What extras? How 'bout a set of track drops plus all the old Campy stuff I scrounged to make the bike work. More crappy phone pics available here. Get in touch:

Harahan Bridge Connection Initiative Public Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BMX Street Jam Sunday March 11th

Eric stopped by the shop this morning and dropped off a flyer for another of his famous street jams happening this Sunday at 11am at Memphis Pizza Cafe on Madison. I don't know where the ride will go but it's sure to be fun.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bicycle Blades - Hi-Electric

Hi Electric - Bicycle Blades from American Grapefruit Media on Vimeo.

Music Video for Hi Electric's "Bicycle Blades"

Shot, Edited, and Directed by American Grapefruit Media

Josh Beckemeyer
Alex Pilkington
Jake Vest

If you missed this past weekend's Music Video Showcase 7 (like I did) then, judging by the program you missed out on some really good entertainment like the above video. Midtown darling Saki Manousakis falls off his bike and goes into a psychedelic nightmare with two hipster girls intent on devouring him.

Livable Memphis Bike Lane Map

View Larger Map

Like them on facebook.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kirby Parkway Through Shelby Farms

Sometime in the late 2000's a plan to extend Kirby Parkway through Shelby Farms was proposed and a study on the feasibility began. From what I could gather as I scanned the plan on my lunch break is that Kirby Parkway at the North will be extended to link up with Walnut Grove. It seems that Shelby Farms Park got on board in exchange for money for more trails. I could have interpreted that wrong...

The plans are dated to 2008 so the existing Shelby Farms Greenline (SFG) (as well as the "to be paved" Eastern portion) is not on the map, but I presume that since it runs along Farm Road there will be an intersection there.

You have the opportunity to view and comment on the plans:

Copies of the SFEIS are available for public viewing at the Shelby Farms Park Visitor Center (500 North Pine Lake Drive), Memphis-Shelby County Public Library and Information Center (3030 Poplar Avenue), Memphis-Shelby County Public Library Cordova Branch (8457 Trinity Road), and University of Memphis Library-Government Publications Department (University of Memphis, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library).

For additional information, contact:

Joe W. Matlock
Project Manager
Tennessee Department of Transportation

Written statements should be submitted within 30 days after publication of this public notice to:

Project Comments: Kirby Parkway
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Suite 700, James K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0332

A website has been set up to give you more information and hopefully they will address the SFG issues. View it here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cycle Memphis Drink Special At Young Avenue Deli

Who has a bike and the ability to get you happy hour prices on domestics at Young Avenue Deli this Saturday night?

This Guy.
Cycle Memphis - July 2nd, 2011

Find me and I'll stamp your hand.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bicycle Safety Gala Comes At A Much Needed Time

Last Sunday a teen in Frayser was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He died the following day. See the WREG news story here.

This occurred several blocks from Frayser Elementary School which was awarded a $250,000 grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation Safe Routes To School Program to implement physical changes as well as educational programs. Critics might call this "too little, too late" but I see it as an affirmation of the need for serious rethinking.

First and foremost we need to rethink the way that streets and neighborhoods are built. Compartmentalization of cities, where the housing is located in this area, industrial in that area, commercial over there, doesn't really work. In this case a residential neighborhood butts up against a commercial corridor and there is a drastic change in the way that people perceive movement through those areas. A person may think 45 - 50mph is a reasonable speed through that corridor because everything else is designed for that speed - wider roads, tall business signs, driveway parking lots, etc. But some things aren't designed for that speed: people. Whether it's a pedestrian or a cyclist, neither have been given due consideration in that kind of development. It's not just Overton Crossing. I'm sure you drove on Poplar today or yesterday - you look out and up for your destination sometimes pulling into the parking lot at 35mph, or you pull up into the crosswalk, or you turn left in front of a person crossing the street. Why? You either aren't used to seeing people or you think that because you're faster you have the right of way. Please stop and rethink. That person walking could be my wife, or my doctor, or my mother.

Secondly, we need to rethink bicycles. The mother of Joniah said she's thinking of getting rid of the rest of the bikes. There's no need to deprive the other two children of the enjoyment and freedom of bicycles. What does need to happen is those bikes need to have safety checks. More importantly, every bike that is sold needs to be more strongly regulated. I know these bikes meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) requirements but when the CPSC sees one in 2 million of that same bike it has been put together by a professional bicycle mechanic, not an employee at his first job at Tar-Mart who doesn't know the difference between a nut and a bolt. I'd like to see a resurgence of quality over quantity. I'm not laying blame on big box stores, Joniah's bike could have come from my shop. That brings us to a second and more important point to think about: education. Children may or may not know their brakes don't work. Children probably don't know that letting their bike fall on the ground will break the cheap plastic brake levers. They don't know that leaving the bike outside will allow the cables and other parts to rust so that they can't actually use them. Parents sometimes don't know that their child's brakes don't work. There are often not sufficient signs in an area to let drivers know that children are present. One time Emily crashed her bike and the seat went crooked. She excitedly told me that she fixed it all by herself by laying it flat on the ground and stomping it until the seat was straight! With wide eyes and gaping mouth I spouted expletives and the word "quick release."

That's why this Saturday's Children's Bicycle Safety Gala is important. It's important to have these frequently and at multiple locations. In the future I hope that these happen on school days at the schools so more young minds can be educated. This is also why it's important to have operations like Revolutions who is sending over volunteers to help with the Gala. This is something that can be fixed. A child's life is too important.