Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Skateboard

A few months back my friend PJ ran off with my cruiser board. It was a pretty sweet ride that I've had since my first semester of college which was, uh, a while ago. It was just an ATM Blank but I did some sweet tiger stripes on the grip (Memphis!), Indy trucks and 70mm Kryptonics. Heavy, but perfect for cruising to the beer store because sometimes it's more trouble to grab a bike, lock it, ride back one handed (if I don't take a bag or the cruiser avec basket). But since it left I've only had my regular board. So I totally got myself a present. Toy Machine deck, Venture trucks, 65mm Kryptonics. I went with the Venture Lows because I wanted this to be as light as I could make it and feel as much like a regular board as it could. It's nice, nice, nice.



This board is for cruising only, no fix-pushing:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Props to Cara

Big ups to Cara for representing female fixed freestyle riders in Issue 23 of Urban Velo! She rides hard, writes on Gotta Be Gritty and Candy Cranks and knows her gear. Keep it goin', girl!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tweed Ride to the Memphis Brooks Museum - Jan. 20th

Memphis's third Tweed Ride (facebook event page)is taking place on Thursday January 20th. The ride leaves the Peddler Bike Shop on Highland at 6:30pm and rides to the Brooks Museum to see the British Television Advertising Awards. If you need some ideas on the appropriate attire watch these videos: