Monday, November 30, 2009

Urban Mountain Bike Park

The other day Dennis was showing us pictures of his cross-country trip and told us about this park in Seattle. It's an urban park built under the I-5 Colonnade, a great reuse achievement which could work in any city; possibly they got the idea from Burnside Skatepark. The park looked really cool but I didn't get a feel for the true size of the park until I saw this video over at twofivefix.

Although they make mention of the crazy twisting teeter-totter you don't get to see it. But you can check their wiki-like page for more photos and info here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Councilman Shea Flinn will be hosting Kyle Wagenschutz (Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop), John Paul Shaffer (Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop), and John Cameron (Deputy City Engineer) as his Neighbortalk guests on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 7:00pm to discuss cycling benefits, wants and need of Memphis cyclists and the city’s bike plan. Neighbortalk is a live call-in show on the Memphis Public Library’s Channel 18 (WYPL).

If you are available to watch, feel free to call the number on the screen to ask Councilman Flinn and Mr. Cameron for their support of making Memphis a premier place for cycling in the country. If you are not able to catch to show as it airs, we will make it available for viewing after November 19, 2009.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My friend Zac was hit the face by a University of Memphis student. You can read the full article which appeared in Friday's Daily Helmsman here. There should be a follow-up on Monday with the offender's name, that is if University officials have located him. Though it shouldn't be hard to locate a 6'5" 250lb man if you have his license plate number, unless of course you don't want to find him. I'm just saying that the officials have the pertinent information and it shouldn't take a week to track down a student. Is the University protecting an athlete? Shouldn't having had your near perfect basketball season record stripped away be enough warning that you shouldn't try to cover things? This is all speculation and hopefully we'll find out Monday. If you can't get to campus to grab a copy you can always follow up with

In reaction to this assault we are planning a bicycle rally on campus in the near future. Details are still being worked out but it would most likely consist of an early morning (8 AM) moderate paced group ride around campus (Patterson, Zach Curlin, Central), an information booth on campus throughout the day, then another moderate paced group ride in the afternoon or evening (2 or 5 PM).

If you are upset about the obvious lack of knowledge of the law (especially from Keitra Jones who works in Police Services) the please write a letter to the Daily Helmsman here.

If you need to reference City of Memphis or Tennessee State cycling laws you may follow the links we posted last year: Cycling Laws... Again

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Thursday Night Ride Flowers Reunion

Sorry to fool you with the post topic but Isaiah is not in town, we're just moving the meeting place back to the Flowers' abode on Philadelphia. Yes, you and I both wish Isaiah would come home, if only just to say hi and ride a bike a grace us with his joy-filling smile, you know the one where he hucks a little laugh, but I think we just might have to wait until the holidays draw near. So meet-up at 9pm and get your safety meeting on or relax in the hammocks; I don't know where we're riding tonight but it's dry, it's not too cold, and I'll be riding fixed for the first time in about 6 weeks, so you don't want to disappoint by missing out. See you out tonight!

If you don't know the location just be at Revolutions at 8:30pm. You'll find out from there.