Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GreenForAll Event-Tour the Greater Memphis Greenline

A show and tell of the proposed rail/trail project, it's benefits and
plans. Come see the trail and how it relates to 2 locations. 11:30 am
Sat, Sept 27 where the trail intersects with Shelby Farms Park. Meet in
the parking lot where Mullins Station crosses the railroad tracks
(slightly west of Farm Road)-there will be signs. Then at 1pm meet
again at High Point Pizza 477 High Point Terrace at Philwood near Summer
in the High Point Terrace neighborhood center for a tour of the
rail/trail as it passes through a neighborhood. As to the Greening of
Memphis, this trail along with the Wolf River Greenway and
bike/pedestrian developments, will enhance the walkability/bikability of
Memphis. Come see the economic value of a greenway in jobs, business
and recreational opportunities. Green Jobs include all of the jobs
associated with building, maintenance and use of the GMG from planning
to construction, maintenance, administration, local shops, recreation,
picnicing, gardening, playgrounds, arboretums,retail and other jobs as a
result of the public use of the GMG and the parks. Additional benefits
include reduced transportation, less carbon impact, more efficient
transportation, as well as less health care cost as a result of the
exercise, etc.

Call Steven Sondheim 761-1793 for information.

[via the venerable tatrehead]


Anonymous said...

This is about the Avery Street Crossing. Nothing had been done since I first called so I called back and was told this was CSX's tracks so I contacted them today, and below is their response. I can not find this sign for the life of me, but I'm going to look again tonight. If anyone else can figure out this info please let me know.

Dear Mr. Cooper:

You recently contacted CSX regarding a rough crossing.

In order to provide you with an accurate and timely response, we need additional information from you:

• The DOT crossing ID and milepost number (There is a small, white sign located at every CSX crossing. The DOT crossing ID is a six-digit number with one letter in bold text located at the bottom left of the CSX crossing sign. The milepost number is located opposite of the DOT number.)

Please call us at 1-877-TellCSX (1-877-835-5279) with this information at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for contacting us.


TellCSX Team

Anonymous said...

Avery Street crossing update:
CSX owns the crossing at Cox street, but not at Avery street (100 yards away) but this is now owned by Union Pacific (800-848-8715) and the track maintenance manager will be out there to check it out soon. If there's no action in the next week or two we might need to have more people call to complain about this crossing.