Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The weather calls for cross with a strong chance of crunk

It's supposed to rain all day. The Cyclocrunk race tonight should be a fun wet one. I won't be racing as I can't seem to shake this cough. I don't know whether or not I'll be spectating, either. But good luck to all who make it out there tonight, I know the pictures on cyclocrunk.com will be amazing. Pictures from last weeks race are already up.

I'm really lame, I know, because I have a bike set up and ready to race. I wish I could reach into my mouth, down my throat and grab this gnarliness and pull it out. Maybe I should try eating some plants as it seems to work for my cat. In the dark morning I stepped barefoot into some of her vomit. Nice, right? After hopping on one foot to clean it off and going back to clean it up I saw some leaves in there. I bet it looked and felt like the ground for tonights race.

And check this out: If you don't have a cyclocross bike but want one my friend Jerry is selling a practically brand new Salsa LaCruz:

I'm pretty sure cyclocross rules forbid disc brakes but it's not like Cyclocrunk is officially sanctioned. It's still a badass bike anyways, and he's only asking $1200 for the complete bike. It's a 53cm which is cross for 56cm. More info can be found here. Let me know if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

Riding will get everything out of your throat. It'll come out your nose and your mouth. It's snot rocket season! I was only going to ride if you were going to.. but alas... I may just spectate.

That's an awesome bike. Maybe you could include the size?

myshoeshurt said...

hahahaha james sucks! what the heck did she knock over last night? a brick wall?