Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google Maps - Bicycling

Seen on Candy Cranks.

This is a pretty rad deal that will come in extremely useful for those looking for a route to work, especially on Bike To Work Day. The problem is that Memphis is not one of the "hundreds of cities" that Google has mapped out for cycling. I entered my home (in midtown) and job (The Peddler on Highland) and it suggested I take Poplar. Knowing my route (in its various incarnations) by heart I was able to drag and change the route. Most directly (avec traffic) my ride is 4.4 miles; indirectly (sans traffic) 5.2 miles. I went ahead and reported to Google that Poplar was not suitable for bicycles, but it probably won't hurt if when you get directions, you report the same. Hopefully with more people making suggestions Google will have a better bicycling sense for Memphis.

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Anonymous said...

Google actually suggested my exact route to work, with 6.3 miles of it being on Poplar. When I leave to ride to work it's 5:10am, so Poplar is no big deal being almost deserted. Coming home (I use a different route) is another story.