Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Face for an Old Broad

You have probably seen Anthony's article from The Commercial Appeal or may have heard about it through the grapevine but on the off-chance that you haven't I thought I'd share:

This is what Broad Street looks like currently:
OldBroad 003

You've probably ridden it on a Thursday Night Ride (what happened to this?) or gone to an art show, dance party, movie night at Odessa (more on them later) and maybe you've gotten a pie at Broadway Pizza. So you know how desolate the street looks. That's going to change for two days in November: Friday the 19th from 3pm - 10pm and Saturday the 20th from 8am - 10pm. Temporary bike lanes, greenscaping, murals and more businesses will transform Broad in order to show people what a complete street can look like. The Peddler Bike Shop will have a retail space where we will be selling commuting essentials like lights, helmets, rain gear, etc and we will also have some rental bikes available for those who didn't bring their own bikes but who would like to try the bike lanes.

Keep up with all the updated info on the facebook event page.


Suzanne Allen said...

Clean Memphis will be there with litter and recycling containers to keep New Face for an Old Broad litter-free!

adamhite said...

the thursday night ride is still going on, but it's only a few people. hoepfully it won't die out over the winter.