Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Skateboard

A few months back my friend PJ ran off with my cruiser board. It was a pretty sweet ride that I've had since my first semester of college which was, uh, a while ago. It was just an ATM Blank but I did some sweet tiger stripes on the grip (Memphis!), Indy trucks and 70mm Kryptonics. Heavy, but perfect for cruising to the beer store because sometimes it's more trouble to grab a bike, lock it, ride back one handed (if I don't take a bag or the cruiser avec basket). But since it left I've only had my regular board. So I totally got myself a present. Toy Machine deck, Venture trucks, 65mm Kryptonics. I went with the Venture Lows because I wanted this to be as light as I could make it and feel as much like a regular board as it could. It's nice, nice, nice.



This board is for cruising only, no fix-pushing:

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