Friday, August 12, 2011

How Much Can You Transport?

The Trek Transport is the kind of bike that most people see and say, "What kind of bike is that!?" My response: "Awesome. That is an awesome kind of bike." And then I go on to list all of the places where I would use the Transport: the grocery store/farmers market, hardware store, barbecues... Heck, I could even put my girl on the back and go have a picnic! Just look at this thing:

So even though I can imagine myself using this bike I don't think other people can, so this is where you get to help. I'm going to let you ride the Transport so you can help me show everyone what this bike is capable of.

Now I don't want you to go out and and try to test the limits because if you break the bike, you buy it. But don't be scared. The Transport is rated to carry 300 lbs of rider weight plus 220 lbs of cargo weight. The cargo weight breaks down like this: 20 lbs on the front rack, 100 on the back and 50 on each side load rack. And that doesn't mean that if you weigh less than 300 lbs you can use the difference in cargo. But I know you wouldn't try that anyhow.

To reserve the Transport send an email to You'll be able to use the bike for one day. You will of course have to fill out a Rental Agreement but there won't be a rental charge.

You will also have to take a picture of your cargo and send it to me at the above email address. I'll post the picture on the blog and each month the person with the most awkward haul will be rewarded. As if using the Transport for free isn't enough of a reward. Sheesh! You guys and gals sure ask a lot!

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