Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The Gamoh Porteur Front Bike Rack

Installed it on the Surly Steamroller (after switching out the front fork for a Cross Check fork and mounting some Avid Shorty 4's and an extra long link wire to fit over the mounting bracket) the other day. Today was the first day I got to ride, loading up 30 records for sale at Shangri-La, then later a quick trip to the grocery store for dinner items. Of course we utilized the Madison Ave. bike lanes and Em (my wife) felt very safe and loved them. From our counter-top lunch perspective at Kwik Chek we saw several people ride by (Cara and Don).

Pictures soon.

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Jim Cole said...

Very cool rack! I've been using an old French chrome steel Porteur rack on my commuter bike lately. You can see a pic here. While I haven't carried any super heavy weigh on it yet, it has been quite handy for hauling large boxes to the Post Office. You can strap things like boxes of rims to the platform and it works great. I love the big front rack concept.