Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memphis Bicycle - Cleveland St. Flea Market Part 2

Vintage Schwinn Cycle Truck (438 N. Cleveland St.)

Bicycle Lovers,
Currently on display for showing to the public. The rare Schwinn Cycle Delivery Bike (Cycle Truck).
In the 1950's in midtown memphis, groceries were being delivered by young men from the Kroger store at 438 N. Cleveland (now the Cleveland Street Flea Market) to the surrounding neighborhoods. News papers were also delivered to neighborhoods by bicycle. Come by the Flea market this weekend and view the Schwinn Cycle Truck in its restored condition. There are also 40's and 50's nickel Coke machines on display. These items are not for sale, but for the free enjoyment of our Midtown friends and customers.

-Thanks for posting that on craigslist, y'all!

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