Friday, July 4, 2008

Cyclist Hit By Car

Danny Fadgen was hit by a car as he and his wife crossed the Wolf River Bridge. He broke his back and is at home recovering. We're thankful that he's still alive but this really puts the issue of bike lanes at the forefront. As posted earlier the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will host a meeting at CBHS (right down the street from the accident) to discuss bike lanes on Shady Grove and Humphreys. The meeting is at 6:30pm this THURSDAY!

Read about the accident: Commerical Appeal, WMC TV

Want bike lanes? E-mail, call, or write your city council representative.

Also, in the events list you will see that July 25th is the last Friday of the month and therefore Critical Mass. I've already seen the following two flyers from separate sources so let's really make this one huge!

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