Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everybody's Biking

For The Weekend!

This Friday at 5:30pm is Critical Mass. The ride will meet at the Poplar/Tucker entrance to Overton Park and ride from there. Not sure where. I won't be at the start but I'll call and find out where you are if I can.

Saturday the Attack continues! At what has affectionately been termed a "Ghettodrome" we will continue having our track races. In the past we've done Miss-And-Out's, Team Pursuits, Snowballs, Points Races, and Sprints. I think I might like to try this one:

Devil’s Scratch
A combination of a Miss and Out and a Scratch race. The race starts as a Devil takes the Hindmost (Miss and Out) eliminating half of the field, the remaining field get a neutral lap and then start a 3 lap Scratch race to contest the winner.

You can view a list of different types of track races here. Post a comment about which one you'd like to try.

Finally, Britney McIntosh has uploaded her pictures from the Space Race to the Fix Memphis flickr. You can really tell the difference a good camera makes. Thanks for the photos, Britney!

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