Saturday, October 11, 2008

$300 Fixed Gear!

Schwinn is offering probably the most base fixed gear bicycle available for 2009.

Pros: Sealed hubs (The Langster doesn't offer this), the 1 1/8 threaded headset can be converted to threadless with a little bit of money (which I would recommend after seeing Chase's bent fork*)

Cons: Semi sealed BB, crankset is cheap

Projections say the bike should be available now, but at this price good luck getting your hands on one. Here are all of the specs.

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*Caveats: Chase was jumping down a 3-set and his fork is about 20yrs old.


Memphis Cyclist said...

Midtown Bike Company is now taking preorders for the Schwinn Cutter which will be available on a first come first serve basis. Stop by Midtown Bike Company to get your foot in the door. Midtown Bike Company is located in Overton Square next door to the Memphis Pizza Cafe at 2091 Madison Avenue. They can be reached at (901) 726-4511 &

Fixed Bicycle said...

Wow... here I was thinking that the Pista is the best thing to start out with.

Fix Memphis said...

Bootleg Sessions posted an explanation for the reason the bike is called the "Cutter" and it apparently has nothing to do with Breaking Away. Those bars are longer than Gorman's polo mallet.