Friday, October 10, 2008

Bicycling 101

Hey everyone! Sorry this is going out so late but whatever...

Revolutions is starting it's Fall Semester of cycling classes tomorrow.

Saturday October 11: Bicycle Safety in the Streets
Should I ride with traffic or against it? Should I ride on the sidewalk? Can I take a left hand turn in traffic on my bike? Is it even legal to ride in the road? How can I safely navigate Memphis’ city streets? Answers to all these questions and basic street safety procedures will be covered in this workshop.

Classes are $10 and usually fill up quick. Check the calendar to the right for a class you'd like to attend and send an email to

I'm personally holding out for Bicycling 101: SUMMER SCHOOL! in the hopes that Mark Harmon can turn my group of ne'er-do-well and slacker friends into C students.

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