Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bike Film Festival Deadline is approaching!

From Alona:
Hey guys,

the call for entries is out -- the deadline is fast approaching! we should get the memphis team to make a movie for the festival! AND we should get a team together to go to nyc for the festival (or some other city...maybe chicago?)

would you guys consider posting this on the fix memphis blog?

it would be great if we could forward it to anyone else that could publicize it (maybe in new orleans or nashville? i can reach out to the guys in st. louis). it is such a fun event.

i've been emailing with Brendt, the director, and we're talking about having one night in memphis in 2010. it could be awesome.


Deadline: March 7

Enter the Ninth Annual Bicycle Film Festival! This annual event's
looking for films with a bike-related theme. Any style's acceptable:
animation, experimental,narrative, documentary and music videos are
all a go.

The Bicycle Film Festival travels to over 20 cities around the world,
including Paris, London, Tokyo, New York -- and Sydney.

Last year, more than 100,000 people attended the festival. The BFF is
a lot of fun and includes rock shows, block parties, film screenings,
and art shows.

The Bike Film Fest is expected to be a huge success in 2009. All
cities have been selected and dates for NEW YORK are June 17-21. All
other dates will be set within the month.

Get your entry in by the deadline!

Pass the word. Print the poster and put up at your office and/or
local cafe.

Brendt Barbur
Founding Director
Bicycle Film Festival

So, let's get on it. We need to represent this year if we want to have a festival next!

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