Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Polo can be rough!

I was browsing the netweb and came across some NYC Polo pics from last summer. Here's a couple:

I'm envious of the high walls that I see in a lot of photos. It would be such a score to find a court like this here in Memphis. Also note the score cards. That girl is Polo's little league scorekeeper equivalent. Who (as in what kind of) kid was that anyways? I never played little league baseball so...

This chap apparently took a mallet to the eye. Either that or he hole-punched on somebody's bar end. Safety first!

Check the rest here.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the last time we played one of the mallets had a broken bottom. Have you seen this article?

If you wanted to order this pipe I'd be willing to throw in some money so we don't have to worry about them breaking. Did you pay for the stuff we have now out of your own pocket?

And what type of ball are we using?
I wonder if we can find something like this locally?

alona said...

i think that's my friend, Meena, who's the goalkeeper! Cool cool.

Fix Memphis said...

Yeah Kermit, I found all of the ski poles at thrift stores and spent maybe $20 MAX on all of them, the PVC is the hardware store kind that breaks easily. I wish I had seen this tutorial before, but oh well. From my perspective, the goal was to just get a game started. It would be great to have a concerted effort to find a "regulation" court as well as sturdier mallets.

Anonymous said...

Here's a mallet how-to video.

The Youth Center building on the fairgrounds is $2k a day! I'm looking for tennis courts that have lights. I like the proximity of the current location away from my house, and how close it is to a place to fix something that breaks. But the court is much smaller than what I see as "regulation".

FMAD said...

dude, I didn't know lil wayne played bike polo!