Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BFF postcards and posters

Here we are champs! These should be up for grabs at the BFF table via Bikes not Bombs on May 9th.


jmgorman said...

Fantastic. Any chance I could get a couple a day early to send on to Nashville with the Rapha crew?

Anonymous said...

I will tell Alona to hit you with some as soon as they come in sir. I am also going to Nashville on the 16th to catch up with Halcyon bike shop.

jmgorman said...

Excellent. I just sent emails to a couple of shops in Little Rock, we'll see what they think.

Fix Memphis said...

So Josh, does this mean that Rapha is coming through to do your ride?

jmgorman said...

Yep. They're coming into town tonight and we're going to ride all day long tomorrow. I'll have a post up by sunday. I don't know if they'll be in in time to do the Thursday night ride, but if so, we'll be out there.

There is also a possibility of a bbq friday evening at my place, so I'll put the word out if there is and everyone should come over.

jmgorman said...

ps. could someone email my D. Raml's new phone number? Thanks, y'all.

jmgorman at gmail dot com