Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Thursday Night Ride Flowers Reunion

Sorry to fool you with the post topic but Isaiah is not in town, we're just moving the meeting place back to the Flowers' abode on Philadelphia. Yes, you and I both wish Isaiah would come home, if only just to say hi and ride a bike a grace us with his joy-filling smile, you know the one where he hucks a little laugh, but I think we just might have to wait until the holidays draw near. So meet-up at 9pm and get your safety meeting on or relax in the hammocks; I don't know where we're riding tonight but it's dry, it's not too cold, and I'll be riding fixed for the first time in about 6 weeks, so you don't want to disappoint by missing out. See you out tonight!

If you don't know the location just be at Revolutions at 8:30pm. You'll find out from there.


Wonder Thunder said...

i thoroughly miss the thursday night rides.

Anthony Siracusa said...

I agree with Sasha. Miss em' a ton.

Fix Memphis said...

We miss you guys, too!