Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Return of Sean Quigley

Some of you might remember my friend Sean Quigley from last winter. He was passing through town on his way to the Left Coast to do some artwork and ride his many beautiful bikes. We kept in touch for a while and he called me one night wanting to do some collaboration and then I never heard from him again. No phone, no email, even his blog went down. It was all like he never existed.

Then last Saturday, I received a phone call from the man himself. Turns out he was doing some art in Mexico and his van and all of his bikes were stolen! He made it back to North Carolina and regrouped, got some new bikes, a dog and a girlfriend. There may have been a different order to that...

So Sean and Beth are on their way to Moab, Utah to work and guide and do tons of riding. They were able to stop in Memphis and hang out for a night drinking beers and contemplating careers as luchadores.

QuigleyReturns 009
QuigleyReturns 015
QuigleyReturns 018

Beth seemed hesitant. We had a couple of pints and they had some nice leather koozies with custom badges. If you like them check them out at Oowee on Etsy. Oowee can also take old bicycle headbadges and put them on a leather pint koozie for you.

QuigleyReturns 003

We made a beautiful 8-bike pile and had some tea and the next day they took off for some Arkansas trails.

QuigleyReturns 010

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