Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He-Man Trail Maintenance

So after riding the Old Forest Trail in Overton Park a couple of times I got tired of hopping off the bike to jump over one particular fallen tree:

TrailMaintenance 006

I had planned on building a bridge over it with a pallet I had cut up and some chicken wire. I was ready, trailer packed even.

TrailMaintenance 003

Then Emily and I decided to go for a ride and review the situation. Upon closer inspection the tree was cracked in several places.

TrailMaintenance 011

Upon realizing that I wasn't going to be able to build the amazing bridge from my imagination I went into a Hulk-like rage and tore the tree apart. It actually happened so fast that Emily wasn't able to capture it with the camera. Here's the aftermath where I'm looking upon the tree with disdain, and also sorrow.

TrailMaintenance 014

Then I cleared the other section of the fallen tree. Emily helped.

TrailMaintenance 016
TrailMaintenance 018

It was honestly more strenuous to cut the pallet than it was to move the tree. So now I have some sweet pallet halves and some chicken wire that I have no idea where I should put to use. I would love to do some kind of trail stuff in Overton Park but they might just be used for a bonfire Thursday night. If you have any ideas about where to use them please let me know. By the power of Grayskull we can build some stuff then go grab a pint.


Naomi Van Tol said...

Whoa... I figured that was just another mutant six-foot woodpecker, driven mad by beetle-lust, but now I'll have to reconfigure my whole worldview!

Anthony Siracusa said...

Amazing. I always knew you had it in you...Wiry, but strong like bull.