Monday, August 30, 2010

CX Practice Sessions

The cyclocross season is fast approaching as evidenced from Tracko and Hipster Nascar. Adding to the list of reasons why we call it "The Dirty South," cyclocross practice sessions have started early this year in anticipation of a longer, fuller race schedule. The practice sessions are taking place in Tobey Park early Wednesday mornings. I'm not sure what the course looks like since the new dog park went in. Speaking of which: the dog park is wonderful. I see more people each time I ride past. Thank you Memphis for making the city better. Although, onaccounta the dog park, the rumors ringing from the cowbell point to a new course/location? for Cyclocrunk.

Other Events: Returning to Olive Branch is the Tour de Cross CX Series. I also heard rumor of another series but can't find any info right now. If you've seen it let me know. Given that last years cyclocxt was such an epic fail (except for the people who actually showed up) I don't think I'll be resurrecting that race. Unless I move the date. In which case it will be renamed to one of the following:

Cross My Heart (to be held around February 14th)
Cyclo Cross-dressing (self-explanatory)
Kris-Cross (do your bibs work as well backwards?)
Crossmas (or CXmas)
Cross Town Traffic (the hippies will like this one)
Cross Pollinate (throw seeds as you ride!)
Crosseyed (lots of beer!)

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Keegen said...

I'm interested in attending some of Memphis's cross functions.
Where can I get info on training rides and such?