Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stranded on Highland

So after the beer ran out, stores packed all of their supplies and everyone rode in their own direction, Cort and I rode the pedal car back to the shop to get the car. Exhausted and in very good moods from the HILL-a-rious ride back, we stopped pedaling, looked into eachothers eyes and i said, "Do you have the keys"?

Let me back up. Hal and Co. were so nice to make sure no one stole my purse, and when i realized it was packed up in a miscellaneous box, i was relieved. That is until we didn't have car keys. We called and woke up Hal and he brought us the keys as were just falling asleep on the infamous Peddler Couch. At least we had a box of dohnuts.

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notquitealibrarian said...

I'd like to see the pedal car ridden down the auction street bridge. Just sayin'!