Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cyclocrunk made me wet.

Cyclocrunk is over for 2010 but it went out with a bang! After 2 days of rain the course was pretty gross. I didn't smell it on the neutral lap but every other lap it was awful. Here's the start:

Brett and I going over barriers:
Cyclocrunk 3 2010 019 Cyclocrunk 3 2010 020

And the aftermath:
Cyclocrunk 3 2010 044 Cyclocrunk 3 2010 045

Notice my clean pedals? I sprayed them with Schwinn pedal lube. Works like magic but apparently you can't get it anymore. If I could find something to keep the mud off the bottom of my shoes so I could actually get my cleat into those clean pedals I'll be in good shape.

More photos on my flickr.

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jmgorman said...

Spray-on pam works to help shed mud. Plus it makes the bike taste vaguely butter-like.