Saturday, October 9, 2010

If You Build It, They Will Come

This summer i went through a cycling hiatus of sorts and really wasn't in the riding mood. I think it may have had something to do with the extreme heat warnings and work stress, although i'm pretty sure riding would have helped the latter.

In breathes the cool October air and the Greenline. Cort, the most perfect and amazing person i have ever met, spoke of this visionary greenline often, yet while i listened attentively and dreamt earnestly, i never really thought this would happen. He would leave for work early and ride the line before it was finished and come home excited about all the things he'd seen and how far the paving had gone. We rode the V & E (Vollontine/Evergreen trail) on a thursday night ride which was very bumpy and even more fun, however i knew that it wouldn't be a regular course for me considering not only its direction, but its rigorousness.

So, back to the cool October air. After hearing that Cort rode all the way to Shelby Farms and back, i was intrigued. Cort and Cliff, our regular Wednesday lunch companion, were scheduled to ride the greenline a couple of Wednesdays ago. When CP told me this, i was jealous. Me. The girl who wasn't in the mood to ride for the past 3 months. i dressed myself in my finest butt shorts and rode the greenline for the first time. I've ridden it 3 times since, and now have a regular date with one of my co-workers to ride it every week. I'm sure CP and i will include it regularly along with his "i'm throwing your running clothes at you while you're in bed" workouts that we do<3.

Ride the greenline people. It is so much fun! I think i've ridden over 50 miles in a week! i've converted one person, and 4 more are in the works. If you ever want to ride (slow) with me, give me a shout on FB.

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