Saturday, February 5, 2011

RIP Polo Bike

The final straw for my polo bike came last week when a dude from Richmond was riding it and the rear brake bolt sheared in two. Then I tried to play on Brett's Surly 1x1 and dipped the front shock, wrecked, and rolled my ankle sumthin' awful. I'm taking this time to evaluate the future of this bike and contemplate a more modern polo bike(?) (quill stems can go to hell). This is what happened to the brake:
...and Brett borrowed my rear tire after his flat. And speaking of Brett and Polo, he's amped about the South Central Championships in Little Rock. Though I'm sure my ankle will be rebuilt bionically by then, I'll be attending Judaism class that Sunday. It's unfortunate in that I'll miss the jaw-drops from New Orleans and Florida as they witness the superior skill level of Memphis Polo. Paul Danos, Daniel Dilberger, Adult Braces (though I heard those are off now), you guys are in for a treat.


notquitealibrarian said...

Oh shit if you get the ballista I wanna play a couple games on it!

Miles Nicholas Kovarik said...

Paul's damn good though. lol We (Memphis) are certainly in for a treat :)