Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday Nights

I'm past the point of going to see bands, drinking High Life or gin, staying up until 4am and annoying the servers at IHOP. But it's not like I'm in bed at 10 o'clock, either. I don't have to work until 1pm on Sunday so I can sleep late, as opposed to going out for the Thursday night ride and having to work at 9 in the morning on Friday. So what does everyone do on Saturday nights? Would you want to go for a bike ride? Here are some pros and cons:

Can stay out/don't have to work early Sunday
More people are out so more people see us riding

More people are out so more cars/potentially drunk drivers

Add your own in the comments. The 'more people are out so more people see us riding' seems to be one of the main reasons of critical mass which has failed to take shape in Memphis, not for lack of trying. So even though there is no rush hour on Saturday this ride has the potential to be a kind of "statement" ride (any more than riding alone on Saturday night, who's to say?). And are you already going places by bike on Saturday night? Let me know. Take some pictures and send them to me: fixmemphis at I want to know who has the fullest bike rack on a Saturday night. What party were you at where there were bikes in the living room or bedroom?

I know the culture is out there and it's not just polo and cross racing and club rides.


notquitealibrarian said...

Eh, Saturday's just another night for me, man. My weekend roams throughout the week, landing on pretty much any days except Saturday and Sunday.

I do think there is more potential to be seen, for sure, even if you just go past Cooper-Young.

Cort said...

It was a ride through Cooper-Young to Overton Square on Friday night that prompted my query. Lots of people were out and so were a lot of cars, the drivers of a few were pretty oblivious/disrespectful (to the point of minor traffic violations on their part) to me and my 120 watt flashing headlight.

I think that will change one the weather starts getting even nicer and the days get longer but right now I'm like, "Did you people really forget how to drive with bicycles on the road?"

Anonymous said...

Off topic but a good article about Broad

adamhite said...

i'm down. i had the same idea last year, but after talking to a few people, not many seemed interested. but a ride any day sounds awesome to me. i may not be able to make it weekly, but count me for most of the time.

and the less crazy and slower the ride is, the more of our friends will come out.

Cort said...

I think the Pub Crawl on Saturday the 5th would be a good inaugural ride.

Lalaita said...

I would love a Saturday ride. Same thing here, no work on Sunday morning and I do have Saturday nights off. But Adam's right, if including more people is a factor for another group ride, we are going to have to watch out for each other more and make the ride more accessible and less intimidating to the newer folks.