Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kirby Parkway Through Shelby Farms

Sometime in the late 2000's a plan to extend Kirby Parkway through Shelby Farms was proposed and a study on the feasibility began. From what I could gather as I scanned the plan on my lunch break is that Kirby Parkway at the North will be extended to link up with Walnut Grove. It seems that Shelby Farms Park got on board in exchange for money for more trails. I could have interpreted that wrong...

The plans are dated to 2008 so the existing Shelby Farms Greenline (SFG) (as well as the "to be paved" Eastern portion) is not on the map, but I presume that since it runs along Farm Road there will be an intersection there.

You have the opportunity to view and comment on the plans:

Copies of the SFEIS are available for public viewing at the Shelby Farms Park Visitor Center (500 North Pine Lake Drive), Memphis-Shelby County Public Library and Information Center (3030 Poplar Avenue), Memphis-Shelby County Public Library Cordova Branch (8457 Trinity Road), and University of Memphis Library-Government Publications Department (University of Memphis, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library).

For additional information, contact:

Joe W. Matlock
Project Manager
Tennessee Department of Transportation

Written statements should be submitted within 30 days after publication of this public notice to:

Project Comments: Kirby Parkway
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Suite 700, James K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0332

A website has been set up to give you more information and hopefully they will address the SFG issues. View it here.

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Michele said...

There were public meetings with TDOT explaining the proposed route to move traffic off of Walnut grove and Farm Road to the west end of the Park and turn Farm Road into a park only access road. If they can keep the stoplights and stop signs where the traffic holds and pumps emissions into the air at a minimum they can hopefully improve air quality in the vicinity.