Friday, March 23, 2012

Trek Transport Can Change Your Life

You might remember last year when we ran a contest for the Trek Transport. Well, only 1 person rode it and they didn't really carry anything. But now that we're having such beautiful weather we're going to give you another chance. Check out this video and imagine yourself changing the world:

Don't know where to ride it?

-The Cooper Young Community Farmers Market opens at 9AM tomorrow. Get your week's worth of groceries easily!
-Hop on the Shelby Farms Greenline and make your way out to the Red Barn at the Agricenter for the Memphis Area Master Gardeners Spring Fling.
-Roll over to Hollywood Feed for Streetdog Foundation's Pet Adoption.
-Or just get some friends together and go have a picnic! The weather will be beautiful!

Learn more about the advantages of the Transport at the Trek Website.

To reserve the bike for Saturday send an email to or call 901-327-4833 and ask for Cort.

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