Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have some serious lifestyle goals that I have been trying for over two years to implement on a regular basis in my (our) life. I decided that maybe if I write about it, then it will put more pressure on me to actually do it.

Here is my checklist and goal timeline:

1. Wear sunscreen everyday-start immediately
-purchased a fancy sunscreen that is supposed to be great under makeup and for sensitive skin.
-I received it in the mail last week and have worn it once; yesterday before a run.
-I did run over the box in my car, however, and then promptly recycled it. I'm good about recycling-this isn't one of my goals, fyi.

2. Speaking of that run: working out (on a freaking regular basis! ah!)
-I started this like 3 years ago to get rid of my weight that I gained living with a commuter.
-I worked out 3 x last, last week-my goal is 5 x
-I worked out 4 x last week
-I have worked out 1 x this week, hey, it's Tuesday!

3. Running 5 miles -This kind of relates to #2, but what the hell.
-I ran 2 miles straight without stopping yesterday.
-shooting for 2 1/4 Friday 

4. Eating less junk food
-I have a real problem with eating, like, half a box of cereal at midnight or cleaning out a pint of ice cream with my soul mate. Or eating 10 egg rolls (last night).
-This will be the most difficult. No plan yet, except eat things that don't have an ingredient list (i.e. veggies, fruit, pure whole grains).

5. And finally, one that you may actually be interested in: Walking/Biking to work-everyday.

I'm getting tired just writing this. 

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Anonymous said...

You are adorable and just the right size!