Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mixed Terrain Recap

The great thing about alleycats is that not everyone rides the same route. I think everyone ended up doing about 33 miles with multiple variations. Here's my approximate route because I didn't GPS it:

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Kyle Wagenschutz's route and stats can be found here on Endomondo.

A not-so-great thing about alleycats is that the faster people will tend to group up. To eliminate this I paired everyone into teams, based on when they registered. Sixteen people, not including myself, registered to race so I paired the 1st person with the 9th, 2nd with the 10th and so forth. Here are the times:

1st Place - 2:07:32 - Kermit Cooper & Zoe Taylor
2nd Place - 2:11:14 - Brett Edmonds & Rem Pamornkula
3rd Place - 2:19:46 - Joel Glasgow & Brandon Thrasher
4th Place - 2:23:56 - Anthony Siracusa & Adam Hite
5th Place - 2:25:30 - Kyle Wagenschutz & Jason Doinbrava(sp?)
6th Place - 2:37:33 - Graham Notestine & John Dodds
7th Place - 2:43:45 - Tony Pass & Tony Brooks (*because the Tonys split up this time is averaged)
8th Place - 3+hours - Martin Jones & Eric Garcia

What's kind of cool about this is that each team, for the most part, had one person riding fixed and one geared. It just worked out like that. Here's the race crew and some of our volunteers:

Big thanks to the people who helped run checkpoints and set everything up: Emily Percer, Meg Kerr, Anya McKay, Cory York, Gurjot Gill, Charles Fox, Crystal Keck, Athena (?), Jenny Lederer, Ryan Carter, and Howell Evans. Big thanks to Kyle Wagenschutz for hooking it up with the Pilgrim House Hostel's deck and grill. Big thanks to Molly Kennedy for setting up a photobooth! And thanks to everyone who came and hung out after the race!


Jenny has a photo set up on facebook here.

Also, these items were left at the party:

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notquitealibrarian said...

Great time Cort, thanks for getting it together. Whatever happened to those pics taken at the afterparty?