Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Things First

After some e-mails and talking with Anthony it has become clear that the Sustainable Shelby meeting is not open to the public. HOWEVER, Anthony has informed me that 3 more votes have been made available to the cycling community in regards to future policy. While the meeting is not open to the public there is nothing stating that demonstrations are not allowed. I will recommend that any confrontation be avoided. If you would like to show support please direct it in a positive manner. For instance, I plan to have a sign that says, "I want to ride my bike to school!" Also, please plan on getting there early, 8:15am or so. ON YOUR BIKE!!!

This is a MAJOR chance to show support for the kind of change we all talk about. I'll be sending out a text message to everyone I know about this. If you don't get the text, email me your phone number. If you do get the text, I'll see you there.

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Anonymous said...

Something new coming down the pipe, that would move Memphis backwards please read!