Thursday, June 19, 2008

Problems inherent in the system

We were honored today to be a part of the Sustainable Shelby Digital Congress. The subcommittees all presented feasible recommendations for future governmental policy. Of all the recommendations the top 10 will be implemented 90 days after July 8th. One thing that was really cool was the almost unanimous support for biycle lanes. However, the problem with the system is this: a consulting firm did a random sampling telephone poll of 610 Memphians but that poll made no mention of bicycles. So when you combine the results of the congress with the public the results are skewed so that bicycling didn't even make it to the final Top 10. The silver lining is that some of the recommendations are rather broad and talk about revitalizing neighborhoods, which could include adding bicycle lanes.

Anthony Siracusa of Revolutions Community Bike Shop is on the Traffic and Transportation sub-committee and hopes that there will be some kind of concession made for these system errors, if not a full-on public re-poll.

The Top 10 results will be released on July 8th in a ceremony led by Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton at 2:30pm at the Memphis Botanical Gardens.

Later that night at First Congo Church in Cooper-Young at 6pm Mr. Siracusa will make a presentation to the Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA). In this presentation Anthony will explain ways to solve parking problems, create bicycle lanes, and increase business. He will also unveil the bicycle rack designed by Cooper-Young artist Yvonne Bobo. These bicycle racks will cost between $300 - $500 each and 5 businesses have already stated an interest.

As you know, every bicycle event that we plan in the future is donation a portion of the proceeds to install one of these bicycle racks in the name of Revolutions Community Bike Shop. Twenty dollars has been raised so far and there are several upcoming events: Flat Track Attack 2 on June 28th and The Moon Landing Anniversary Alleycat (details soon!) on July 19th.

So mark your calendars for all these dates.

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