Monday, June 23, 2008

Track Race this Saturday!!!

This Saturday, June 28th, will be the second installment of the Flat Track Attack. I know that some of our previous spectators will be out of town for the Tour De Corn and some people will be racing in the 2008 Smith & Nephew/Marx & Bensdorf Grand Prix but that one should be over before 7pm.

No posters, no prizes, no spoke cards. Just fun. And donations for the Revolutions Bike Rack Fund.

This time brakes are optional. There will be tools and mechanics there so if you want you can ride up there with brakes, take them off for the race, and put them back on afterwards. Fixed wheel bikes only.

East High School Track, 7PM.

Spectators ENCOURAGED!

Tell everyone you know.


Anonymous said...

will you let me keep my bullhorns on?

Anonymous said...

Do you think gears are that much of an advantage to exclude them?

Fix Memphis said...

I'm actually thinking of racing with bullhorns. I might have a new, lighter wheelset, too. Not sure just yet.

Kerm: In certain situations yes, for our purposes, no. Which begs the question: When are you getting a track bike?

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of these days I'll get a rear wheel and rock what I got.

Anonymous said...

Check out this experiment.

Anonymous said...

i'm riding out to the race in the morning around 6 if anyone is awake or interested in joining. i may catch a ride back though with jarretkinderwonderboy after he tweaks the cat threes.