Saturday, January 10, 2009


Terie B updated the Driven Magazine website with the pictures she took at the New Gears Race here. She was also able to include a small spread in the handheld version before it went to print. You can find it at your LBS and other fine establishments. There is also a very informative article on Hashing. I learned a few tips that will make our next Bash even better. Also, Terie is interested in a story about the fixed gear scene in Memphis. I can only think of one way to do it and that is to get everyone's story. If you can find the time please answer these questions:

1. Name, Age
2. How long have you been riding a fixed gear?
3. Why did you choose fixed? (first person that answers pseudo-brah bullshit like, "Fixed gear chose me, man." gets their tires slashed!)
4. What's your favorite part about riding fixed in Memphis?

Send your answers via email to You'll probably see the results in the next issue of Driven, but before that, I'll let you know who's tires you can slash.

Until then, here's what's been going around the bike stand: Back 2 School Alleycat, Tour de Pizza Cafe, and Bike Polo.

Sean Quigley is en route to Memphis and might be here as soon as next week. The alleycat is pretty much planned out but time is definitely against us. But don't worry, as Taco said, it doesn't really matter what we do because we always have fun.

Tour de Pizza Cafe should be happening when it gets a little warmer. I'm really anxious for this one because I haven't ridden more than 15 miles in a long time.

I'm totally down for starting Bike Polo and my recommendation is for Sunday mornings, at maybe 10am. When the days start getting longer we can switch it back to a Saturday night and also continue with the Track Races.

Let us know what's going on inside that tiny little head of yours.

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