Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who dis?

One evening whilst on the computer I decided to google search "fixed gear Memphis" just to see if this website popped up (#1, fuck yeah!) and then noticed a profile that was started a couple of years ago: Memphis Fixed Gear. Then the rest of the hits are mostly for Lew's "25lbs of danger" conversions.

But anyway, the Memphis Fixed Gear profile totes rips the Fixed Gear Gallery logo (for a nice list of FGG's best and worst of 2008 check out Cycling WMD) and then whines a bit about no cycling culture in Memphis. He sounds a bit like the pozer curmudgeon on the craigslist bike forum. The best part is the comment stating, "This profile needs help." The last login was half a year ago so I'm hoping the person actually found the cycling culture that we've all come to enjoy.

So who is it?

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2wheeledwanderer said...

The ghost of hipsters' past?