Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nashville Opensprints

I just got this forward from Candice in Nashville:

Subject: BYOV Sprint Races! Jan 31st at Springwater (5PM)
To: Nashville Urban Bicycle League

Whether you're roadie, fixie, mountainie, or stepthroughie, you can
pedal. So get ready to pedal your gluts off in Nashville's first
opensprint races.

Not sure what this all means. Four racers will spin on roller mounted
fixed gears, all connected to a central computer, until a winner
crosses the digital finish line, or their kneecaps explode. The more
riders, the better the party. Bring your girlfriends, boyfriends...
anyone that can pedal has a chance in this mad house. Races will be
one to two minute all out sprints.

Come to yell at your friends as their legs fill with lactic acid!
Prizes will be awarded, and the ones and twos will be spinning too so
bring along your greatest vinyl. Forget iTunes playlist, we're gonna
ride the safety dance this night!

We're bidding a big farewell to Scumlife John as he's soon heading off
to Burbank, CA and a happy homecoming vacation as Nathan's set to be
in town that weekend.

After the races, madness will surely follow as the mob rolls on for
some food then commences crashing every party in Nashville that night!
18 hours of superbowl pre-game, not that you hipster kids are

Pass the word

Now the fine print: We'll have bikes in varying sizes to ride at the
event that will be attached to the rollers. You can swap your bike, or
bring your own pedals if you have clips, but you must be rolling a
48x16 with 160cranks. No unfair advantages, but I'm sure that some
emergency wrenching will be going down to get the bikes to spec.

The 31st is a Saturday and unfortunately, I won't be getting off work until 5. But I enourage anyone who can make the drive to do it, talk to everyone there and have a great time. Hopefully in the future they'll have it at a later time.


Brian said...

Worry not if you can't make these races, word on the street is that we may have a spot for a second set of races Feb. 27th at a very well established local dance party. (Friday night with a 9pm start time)

Details are still in the works, but things are looking promising. PS, if fixed Memphis ever wanted to throw some races let me know, my girlfriend has been wanting to get out of music city.

Fix Memphis said...

We are def interested. My email is

matt said...

come on over memphis. There has been some recent talk about polo in nashville. Do i smell a nashville memphis tournament?