Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Even More Bike Polo

Last Sunday Rocky, Todd and I completed the construction of six mallets, giving us a total of eight. We do have an extra ski pole available if someone wants to come up with a mallet head. That done, we are still searching for a more suitable court. The labrynth at Audubon just wasn't big enough, and had some gravel. If you know of anywhere with a tennis or basketball sized court open to the public and most importantly enclosed please let us know.

Also, our neighbors in Atlanta will be hosting a polo invitational this summer. Info can be found on this myspace page: www.myspace.com/atlmspi as well as on bikepolo.ca at the event profile http://www.bikepolo.ca/atlanta-midsummer-invitational. And I'm sure there is even more info here: www.atlbikepolo.com.

bikepolo.ca is a forum for the League of Bike Polo. Our friends in New Orleans and Baton Rouge have already set up groups.

If you've read this and have no idea what bike polo is or how to play you can check out this article from Urban Velo #1.

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