Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally....Spain Pictures (Cort's boring title)

A lot of you guys know that Cort and I went to Spain last week. After we woke up from our "bench bed" in the Madrid airport we started taking some pictures.
Here are some of the bicycles that we saw when we walked to the market or the grocery or to H&M (3 times).
We stayed with our good friend Jenna and her boyfriend Brandon in their beachfront apartment that they rent while Jenna teaches English to gradeschoolers at a nearby school. All along the beach there is a small two lane street for motorized traffic. A pedestrian-only sidewalk runs parallel the entire length of the street with a bicycle-only path directly next to it. It was amazing. The cars actually slammed to a stop if pedestrians were crossing the crosswalks, which were located at every single block and intersection.
We took a train to Granada for Cort's birthday and had rabbit (still on the bone) and tried to befriend some very disinterested Arizonians.
But all in all we mostly laid on the beach in our dugout to block the intense wind. Cort tanned, I burned. It turned to tan though.
You can check out more pictures on my Flickr which will be updated with more pics slowly.


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