Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Greenline gets the Greenlight!

Vote passed yesterday 13-0.

This from Greg Maxted:

Yesterday, the county voted 13-0 in favor of providing $375,000 to complete the first 7 miles of the CSX Greenline!

Mayor Wharton stopped by to lend his support.

It was a veritable Greenline love fest.

The highlights:

  • Shelby County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the $375,000 for the Greenline Project!!!
  • $4,750,000 to buy 7 miles of abandon rail, from SFPC
  • $1,500,000 to build a trail, from the Feds
  • Plan is to finish it by the end of the year!!!

This is huge, yall. Like whoa.

An idea is floating between the Greenline people and city officials regarding the creation of a parking lot off of Flicker Street near Avery.

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The city owns all the property around the head of the Greenline, and the Greeline folks hope that they will consider construcing a parking lot for people to park and then ride out to the Farms on the CSX. Thats a great thing for families etc., but for cyclists interested in riding their bikes to the greenline and riding out to SF this is also great news. There are a number of bike friendly routes to get to the trail head at Flicker and Avery, so the creation of a well lit, well designed starting place with a parking lot on Flicker is a win for the families and the avid cyclists riding to the trail head.



Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about this?



Anthony Siracusa said...

This is in fact leaving from Revolutions. Sorry I haven't advertised it--I asked the Griz folks multiple times for a flyer and they never sent one. Otherwise I would have posted it on the blog. but its going down this FRIDAY!