Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've ALMOST fully recovered.

I've still got a nasty cough that produces lots of green mucus, but at least my voice is back!

Here's the link to the Flickr Pool for everyone's Memphis BFF photos. Go add your own pictures and comment on everyone elses.

I know I had a great time and I've recieved lots of positive feedback from everyone who attended. Next year in Memphis will be even better. Until then I'm sure a lot of us will be heading down to New Orleans for their festival.

Oh yeah, one more thing...

I'm on a OAK!

Edit: Michael Green from BikeBlogNYC interviewed me before the festival and he just posted my recap of the weekend.

Check the interview here:
And the recap here:


ab fb chomps said...


Fix Memphis said...


pensacola alley said...

silly landlocked folk.
fuck trees we climb bouys motherfucker!

see yall in atl in 2 weeks or in pensacola in 4???

pensacola alley said...

p.s. river bouys dont count!