Saturday, June 27, 2009

Track Races Tonight, Polo tomorrow, Taco's Leaving

After a hiatus of weddings and ice cream rides, Flat Track Races resume tonight at East High School at 7pm. I'm changing my gearing after work. Hopefully I'll have some competition.

Bicycle Polo also resumes Sunday at 5pm behind The Peddler on Highland. Travis from Baton Rouge will probably be out to play. The other part of my polo brain (Chase) is out touring right now so you'll have a chance to score. Just some pickup games, everyone is welcome and we have extra mallets.

After that we'll hop across the street to RP Tracks at about 9 for Anthony's going away party. Hope to see you all out.


jmgorman said...

I have a thing tonight, so no competition from me this week. Maybe next?

Fix Memphis said...

4th of July Party at Kyle's next Saturday.