Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shopping Trips

Last week, due to my impressive powers of persuaion, I convinced Emily that we should ride our bikes to the grocery store. Really I think she only agreed because I agreed to go to Home Depot and get some paint so we could paint our apartment. 'No prob,' I said and thought that we could just make one outing: Home Depot then grocery store. After all, what is the use of a trailer if I can't haul a large amount? It turns out that a couple of gallons of paint weighs a little more that I had anticipated.

Shopping 003

So we dropped the paint at the apartment and headed out for trip #2: the grocery store.

Shopping 012

The Bob drysac would barely close over all of the groceries. There's no way I could have fit all of the paint and the groceries in one trip. Emily even took her cruiser bike with the front basket (which she just used for her purse and cardigan). Perhaps I should maybe get her a cute wicker basket for the rear rack?

Shopping 006

I felt bad for pushing Emily to do this with me, but because she was smiling once we got out riding and this past week she's been telling me that she is excited for the next time we go to the grocery store, I don't feel bad at all. I'm partly attributing her good experience to the beautiful weather and the Memphis drivers who are becoming more aware of cyclists, though.


myshoeshurt said...

i think perhaps you should get me a cute wicker basket for the back<3
Also, i had a really good time because you made me feel protected and you carried all the heavy stuff:)Plus, it was really fun(besides that pushy wind-geez). i think next week we should do the grocery and then ride to the park with food (not so spicy this time:) Our apartment looks so cute now, too! gah i wana talk why am i at work?!?

Zach Ellerbrook said...

You know, I think cyclists doing more everyday things, errands that people will drive for, will make more people realize that bicycles are vehicles too. One of the big stigmas with cyclists is the stereotype of spandex and Lance Armstrong. I can't wait to actually live in the city so these kinds of trips are less dangerous to make.

myshoeshurt said...

i totally agree. I'm not into long-distance rides or hard-core cycling at all. i love trails the most, but i really enjoy riding my bike 3 blox to work or just cruising around in the sun. most people don't realize it, but bikes are great accessories to an outfit or to a day.

Suzanne Allen said...

How about posting pics of the newly painted apartment?

chuck said...

yo sorry about last thursday court we'll be tight this time