Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Recap

Last week wasn't my best week. Not as bad as this week for Ted:

Last week, I really sucked on account of my bike being more for the trails. This week, CP30 fixed up my trainer bike so i can change gears on those stupid, useless hills and not get wiped out so quickly (i'm not known for my endurance). The highlight of the ride was definitely the greenline. i'll be doing that again fo sho. I hadn't seen it yet and it was so much more awesome than i imagined. And i have a near-perfect imagination. I also have a strong attraction to dirt and mud. purrr.

Riding with my two buddy girls was fun, too (shout out to Lor and Erica). They make me feel better about being slow and the aformetnioned hated hills. I love how Erica and i always discuss the latest in clothing and dessert; the two most important topics. ever. I also enjoyed meeting some new faces and i hope i don't have to work EVERY freaking thursday night so i can enjoy more of these summa tours.

When we got home i chugged a dr.pepper cherry and passed out. i awoke Friday refreshed and thinner, which is a big plus, since i ate nothing but pizza covered in pizza covered in ice cream on thursday. So, thank you to everyone that came out on Thursday-you helped make this week one of my most enjoyable rides!

More pictures on Chopper's flickr


notquitealibrarian said...

Well, I only look marginally cracked out. Also, cara's tire seared a circular hole in my brain. Fun times.

chuck said...
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chuck said...
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