Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cargo Bike Conversion

Take it to the next level! You can now convert your bike into a cargo bike and haul 100+ lbs of goodies! The Zaftig from Jacobs Green Solutions is an adjustable steertube length fork that uses a 20" wheel to convert your regular bike into a truck bike!

From the pic it looks like the best brake option is disc. It looks like V's would come up through the rack area and a canti cable would come down through, not to mention you would need a headset cable guide to run the cantis. I suppose all of that would be fine if you planned on leaving the fork on all the time, but what would be better than a quick conversion? All you need is a hinged clamp front brake lever and then you can rock down to cargo avenue!

The fork retails at $200 plus $25 for whichever brake mount you choose. I really do recommend running brakes. If you're hauling 100 lbs of stuff you don't want to have to rely on your rear brake or your legs!

You're probably asking yourself, "Where do I get a 20" front disc brake wheel?" Recumbents! Or you can just get a disc hub and build it on a BMX rim. You know those jams come in all kinds of colors. Colored spokes, too!

Imagine how much beer you can carry!


Anonymous said...

So put all the weight in front of the front wheel? I foresee some endo's.

Try riding with some front paniers they really change your steering.

I think a trailer is still the best option because you can take it off and don't have to have a purpose built bike.

Fix Memphis said...

The smaller front wheel lowers the center of gravity. Never ridden one, just guessing.