Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ditch Ride: Event Horizon

DitchRide2 004 DitchRide2 007

From the same entry point as our previous ditch ride we decided to take off in the opposite direction. While we were still ducking and dodging overhanging branches and broken glass there was a lot more room to navigate. It was also apparent that this part of the ditch saw a lot more action.
DitchRide2 022
DitchRide2 021 DitchRide2 025
DitchRide2 028

At about this point we found several exits: one led up to some railroad tracks and was labeled North Nut Bush and the other, well, let's just say that we rolled up on a guy making an exit of his own. Needless to say we kept riding. Unfortunately, not for very long. My considerations for titles of this post included "Where the Sidewalk Ends." A portentous bit of greenery ahead marked the turning back point of this ride.
DitchRide2 045

Scores for this ride: golf ball, composition book with gossip, and a Frisbee golf disc. There was one split that I would like to explore sometime before it gets too cold. Just keep checking back and hopefully you'll join us when it happens.

More pictures of graffiti and shenanigans are on my flickr

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