Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm going uphill faster

than you're going downhill. That was my ride home this evening. As I crossed over East Parkway and made my way up Harbert a gentleman cruiser started pedaling his way down East Parkway. I totes beat him but you know what, it was just that kind of day to be cruising around, relaxed. Beautiful day.

I came home this evening and Em was sitting on the porch, watching the neighbor kids skateboard. I jumped over a tie they were setting up for a makeshift box and rolled up the driveway to find that Em had a surprise gift for me, wrapped in her own art.

Bicycling Book 002
Bicycling Book 004 Bicycling Book 013
Bicycling Book 010

So this book is amazing. Traffic instructions, touring tips, a chapter on cyclocross, chapters entitled 'How to Ride a High-Wheeler' and 'Hurray for Fixed Wheels', British cycle polo vs American cycle polo, and general wind directions per season/city. This coming October the wind direction, according to this book at least, will be pushing towards the west southwest. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

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notquitealibrarian said...

Nice! Scan more of the bike polo stuff? (Or let me borrow it, heh, j/k).