Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had mine powdercoated from that maroon color to black about 2 years before they started offering the Steamroller in black or white (The Creamroller). Through its many incarnations (street track, track track, yes I had a white Aerospoke, and now SSCX) it's been black and yes, my beast of a machine is staying black. I was even considering a Cross-Check in black until I spotted this one on Prolly:

I know, right. Following all of the links over to Blue Lug you can see some very colorful Steamroller frames as well. One example (such a tight blue):

Apparently these are all custom jobbies and the only way you can get that in the States is if you pay 77,700 Yen plus shipping. That comes out to about $905 and I know from experience that shipping a frame to Japan costs about $300. Provided that's the same as Japan to America you're buying a frame for more than the cost of a complete bike that you could have broken down and powdercoated all at home. And the real killer is they don't even have one in my size!

So I thought to myself, "Interbike is this week. I wonder what Surly will show?" So I rode over to their blog and behold: Oh, what the hell...

OF course I would like one of everything that Surly offers, especially a Pugsley (wtf would I do with one in Memphis, though?) but I'm thoroughly satisfied with the Robin's Egg Blue on the Cross-Check. Available in November so that gives me time to get a Rival kit together and get rid of my Trek and those bar-end shifters and caliper brakes! Six-hunny gets you Dura-Ace bar-end shifters, 10spd 105 rear derailleur, Campy brakes and crankset, wireless computer. Sorry, trailer, rear rack, trunk bag, seat bag, pedals not included.
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