Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cyclocross Season Begins

People have been packing their portable barriers into their backpacks, gluing tubulars, practicing their dismounts, and marking their calendars. According to the TBRA the first points race is going down in Unicoi, TN and brought to you by MSG Cyclocross.

There are 12 points races on the calendar this year, 3 of which take place in Memphis! There are a total of 31 scheduled races, though, 10 of them in Knoxville. So we're not necessarily the hotbed of cyclocross racing for Tennessee. But those are just the races that have paid the $50 calendar fee, so you won't see Cyclocrunk up there. (The dates have not yet been released but the promoters are working on the 2011 website. Photos from previous years can be found on their flickr.)

You will see a race in Covington, TN, the City of Covington BBQ Festival CX. My friend Greg is promoting this one and it sounds like it will be great! Check out the course map here.

And please, this year, more beer handups!